Is Christmas Really Jesus Birth

Is Christmas Really Jesus Birth

The surprising reason why christmas is celebrated on december 25. The common myths and misperceptions about jesus’ birth are all integral parts of the imagery of christmas.

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Long before jesus came along, the romans celebrated saturnalia in the middle of december by exchanging gifts and partying.

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Is christmas really jesus birth. And this festival, important as it seems to so many, is not of christian, but of pagan — babylonish — origin! 4:4) would deceive the world in these latter days. The name of the holiday is much newer than the holiday itself.

We also know that john's father was a priest. The customs associated with christmas, in one form or another, have been celebrated for thousands of years before christ was even born!. That is all that matters.

But this is just one side of the problem with christmas. The answer may just surprise you. But does the bible really cite december 25 as the date the son of god was born?

Contrary to popular belief, it's not actually jesus's birthday. The earliest mention of some sort of observance on that date is in the philoclian calendar, representing roman practice, of the year 336. Jesus’ birthday based on the pattern of priests according to luke, john the baptist’s father, zacharias was a priest of the order of abijah (luke 1:5).

For many, christmas is the time to think of jesus christ as a baby in a manger. Here are two primary reasons: If you take a close look at scripture, it.

It is not believed jesus was born on the day christmas is globally celebrated. Christmas might not be jesus’ birthday, but it is the beginning of a revolution against the kingdom of darkness. Jesus was born within the range of time when shepherds drove their sheep into the open fields and stayed with them from may to october.

Where did the 12 days of christmas come from? Later, john chrysostom favored the same date of birth. While the birth of christ is a special and miraculous event, it isn't the primary focus.

Jesus came into a broken and sinful world to win it back from sin and death. Everything about christmas is about winning back the world to christ. Christmas is just a new name for an old pagan holiday.

It was a good few centuries later that christians hijacked this festival and joined in the merriment creating christmas. The bible doesn’t mention his exact birthday, and the nativity story contains conflicting clues. Christmas is a pinnacle feast, yes, but it is not the beginning of the liturgical year.

While december 25 was popularized as the date for christmas, it was not because jesus was born on that day. The central truth of the christmas story is this: We remember that because the jesus of history was born, the resurrection of the christ of faith could happen.

Instead, christmas was chosen as a convenient celebratory day on the same day of a pagan. The idea that jesus was born december 25th, is one of the fables the apostle paul prophesied (ii tim. Early christians did not celebrate christmas because there is no biblical evidence of jesus’ birthday.

After becoming secularized by the third century, the roman church instituted christmas to coincide with the already existing pagan festivals in december. It shouldn't matter if christmas used to celebrate the norse god of picking flowers. If by anything, christmas isn’t a birthday party, but a day to remind us the importance of the gospel and why it must be.

We then can establish that elizabeth's son, john the baptist, was born six months earlier than jesus christ. It is a memorial, a remembrance, of the birth of jesus, not really a celebration of the day itself. The short answer is no.

For many, christmas brings about lavishly decorated storefronts, religious services, celebrations with family and friends, and, of course, presents galore. The teachings of christ were no longer kept in the church. Christmas finds christians around the world gathering to celebrate jesus' birth.

Holidays shift to represent different things as people shift the focus of it. A careful analysis of scripture, however, clearly indicates that december 25 is an unlikely date for christ's birth. Christmas isn’t about jesus for a lot of people.

The plain truth is, christmas is not christ's birthday at all! Yes, if you want to celebrate it then celebrate it. The child of christmas is god.

Now christmas is supposedly a celebration of the birth of jesus christ…but is it really? Christians celebrate christmas day as the anniversary of the birth of jesus of nazareth, a spiritual leader whose teachings form the basis of their religion. I reckon that someone who doesn’t think about god 364 days of the year.

Sadly, a holiday that claims to celebrate the messiah’s birth has been the primary perpetuator of myths that confuse people about his birth. They were actually living with their flock.

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