The Basement Project
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idea cultivation agency.

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What is Idea Cultivation?

Everyone has ideas. Many people have special ideas. But only a few people ever see them through to reality. Idea cultivation is about helping budding entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators (YOU!) to build, grow, trim and mold their concepts into marketable enterprises.

It doesn’t matter what the idea is. It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at.

The Evolution of an Idea

Everyone goes through certain stages in developing their idea. We help entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators at any stage in the process, so we’ve developed an understanding of how ideas evolve.

Here's how an idea evolves
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What Types of Ideas Do We Work On?

Almost anything. Seriously. You never know what thoughts can be turned into business realities. Many people have loads of ideas floating around in their heads. We’re on the lookout for innovative concepts and new ways of doing business. What are your best concepts and dreams?

How Do We Select Ideas?

Each idea requires a different approach and each entrepreneur is different too. Cultivating ideas is like growing a seed. You can plant a seed and it might grow, but what if there’s no demand for what you grow?

We have to look at the idea itself and see its potential. By looking at the “climate”, the growth conditions and the market, we see if and how it will sell. If we think it’s got the right stuff to become something cool or useful, then we won’t leave your side until you have a working business.

Our Work

Here are some of the projects we are actively working on:

Click here to view our Behance portfolio, which includes some our agency work.



We strongly believe in partnering, its one our values. Keeping true to that here are our great partners:

Meet Some Pioneers

These guys, or “Pioneers” as we like to call them, are examples of some of the people we partner with and what we do for them. They represent just a few examples in a vast sea of potential combinations of ideas and people.

Carlos & Rahul's




The Traits of a Pioneer

We work with people from all types of backgrounds and experiences, but we do not choose to work with everyone. Some people come with the right ideas but the wrong attitude or they have the right attitude but no fresh ideas. Everyone we work with share some traits in common: enthusiasm, dedication & commitment, leadership potential, a supreme work ethic, critical thinking capacity and a long-term outlook. Why these traits? It’s what’s needed to bring a dream to life. We’re only the guide and helping hand on the start of your journey, you’ll always be there and having these traits ensures your success.

How We Build It

Making a business takes the right tools, the right team, the right strategy, investment, time, energy, patience and a whole lot of determination.

We assemble the best people for your idea. We visit our workbench to find all the right tools. We build a strategy. We shape an identity. We launch it into the world.

Every project is different, but we know the costs of starting out are often a barrier. In many cases, we’ll help you find the investment you need or keep costs low and tailor payment plans to you.

the basement project how

People are the most important part of any company. Businesses and leaders are only as good as the team around them. We get the best minds to work on your concept and combine freelance talent with in-house skills.

And, because every idea is different, we’re always keeping our strategies fresh and constantly creating something new. This keeps us ahead of the curve every time.

Ventures & Investment

Many people hold back on realizing their dreams because they can’t imagine how to fund them. When we assess an idea, we look at all the possible ways of financing and securing investment for it. Each concept and every pioneer’s circumstances are different. Some have saved money for years to build an idea; others don’t even have a penny of savings but know their idea is “now-or-never.”

Assessing for Investment

We keep contact with a diverse group of investors from angel investors to big venture capital firms. Some investors are looking for just the right thing to put their money into, others are less specific. We will look at your requirements, your desires, the business, the revenue potential, alternative monetization schemes and various other factors to determine who might invest, how investment would work for you, what investment is necessary or possible.

Basement Ventures

If you are a young innovator or inventor, if you have an idea which solves a problem or fills a need, or if you have a concept which will revolutionize a market, then we may consider investing in your idea through The Basement Project. We would assess an equity stake in the company and build everything for the idea out of our own pocket. It’s the strongest type of partnership when both parties have just as much to lose.

The Team

A well-rounded and balanced team is crafted specifically for each project. We focus on all the core areas: strategy, creative, technical and project coordination. Since we take on no more than a few projects at a time, there will be a relationship manager and team dedicated specifically to you.

Looking to be a part?

We’re always keeping our eyes out for the freshest, smartest, most creative, and most hardworking talent to be part of our teams.

  • If you're a freelancer, your skills and specialties can be used to help many pioneers to realize their dreams.

  • If you're looking for a rewarding full-time experience, then be ready for a dynamic, fast-paced environment.

To learn more about job opportunities, head to our business portal at Project B.

Tanuj Damani

Disha Pagarani

Philip Apaza

Malak Kamil

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Chief Relationship Officer / Co-Founder

Phil’s specialization is in content production, but he has an array of experience in business strategy, brand development, NGO management, events, education, and hospitality. He prides himself in never turning down an opportunity to learn or experience something new. This is often demonstrated in the research conducted for every project.

Phil found himself triple-majoring in Economics, Marketing and International Studies with a concentration in Middle Eastern Studies.

Chief Innovation Officer / Co-Founder

Since the age of 13, Tanuj has been building and developing websites and applications. And his affinity for innovation goes beyond just the web, he loves getting his hands onto any new piece of tech. When he’s not reading up on the latest industry news and standards, he’s building the best digital strategies for our pioneers.

Tanuj holds a BS in Computer Engineering and multiple Certifications from Cisco.

Creative Spark

Her life is a mystory we are trying to solve. We will decrypt what we find and post it here.

Chief Marketing Officer / Co-Founder

With a healthy dose of marketing know-how, Disha helps to build solid brands and strong awareness for our partners. Her aptitude for market strategy and planning led her to introduce digital marketing and social media at her last company with great success. Her passion and initiative now serves Dubai’s entrepreneurs.

She holds a BBA in Marketing and Marketing Communications and a distinguished Diploma from the International Advertising Association, New York.

  • Integrity

  • Curiosity

  • Adaptability

  • Partnership

  • Fun

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Seed and Start-up Investing

Investing in a seed or start-up can be a highly rewarding endeavor, both emotionally and financially. Whether you are a veteran investor or someone just looking to dip your feet in a little, we encounter many opportunities every day for all types of investors and potential investors. We only work on the best ideas we come across. Therefore, you can be assured that we’ve assessed and are confident in the potential of the idea, but all ideas still come with their risks

A Note for New Investors

We encounter many people who want to invest in companies, but have no idea where or how to start. We only take on ideas worth investing in and we can guide you through the various ways of funding seeds.

We also find many investors who understand investment, but don’t think they have enough to invest. With some seeds and start-ups, as little as 10,000 Dhs can make a huge difference. If your funds are low, we’ll only tell you about opportunities within your range.

We’d like to learn more about you, the types of projects you like and the types of investment you’re looking for. If you would like to become part of our database, please let us know through the form below. We will get in touch with you to discuss how we can work together to help future entrepreneurs.

Contact us through our social media channels:


About The Basement Project

Our Story

Our story is not much different from countless business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. We had a passion; we found something we were good at; we saw a need; we leapt at opportunity. That’s the short version.

The long version goes more like this: we started out as three skilled freelancers combining our talents to provide a holistic option in digital strategy. Yet we found ourselves continually working on start-ups and seeds. It was an area we were naturally drawn to and we loved the satisfaction of bringing someone’s idea to life. Combining that with our expertise in brand building and business strategy, we knew we had a winning idea. It’s all history after that.

The Basement

We are constantly coming up with our own ideas (just like you) for cool things, useful things, helpful things or new ways of doing things. We take these ideas and put them in our “Basement”, an internal version of the service we provide. With the whole team contributing, it helps us stay creative and fresh.

Our Mission Statement

Our aim is to actively enhance the UAE community through unique, thoughtful, and solution-oriented entrepreneurial endeavors while maintaining the highest standard of ethical business practices.

Our Philosophy

Clients as Partners

Our business is business itself. We do not succeed unless our clients succeed. Total partnership is our mantra, walking alongside our clients until full launch. This means total honesty, total integrity and the assurance of competence.

Ethical Business and CSR

Our aim is to maintain the highest standards and morals from every angle: clients, employees, partners, the community. Everyone. Every way. Greed is never an aim for us or our partners. We recognize that short-term gain is not sustainable; an ethical business is a long-term business.

And we believe in giving back. We sponsor and support various initiatives as a business and we allow our employees time to work for their favorite causes as well


We are nothing without our people. Nothing we say - no facts or figures - will ever exemplify our philosophy on employment like that statement. So we’ll say it again: we are nothing without our people.

The Basement Project - a Dubai based Idea Cultivation Agency

The Basement Project
The Basement Project is an idea cultivation agency, helping entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators of the UAE to build, grow, trim and mold their concepts into marketable enterprises. As a “start-to-beginning” partnership, we build brand identities, mold business strategies, develop all the essentials and launch these ideas into the world.
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